Getting married in Venice

Venice is a unique city in the world, getting married in Venice is an unforgettable experience but it is important to organize for the best by relying on a local partner.

Venice is a city unique in the world, the perfect setting for a dream wedding.

It has inspired internationally renowned artists and writers, who from its incredible scenery and  its centuries-old history have drawn to realize their art works. Getting married in Venice is an unforgettable experience, the historic buildings, the secret gardens, the terraces on the Grand Canal. You can count on several venues suitable to become the perfect setting where to celebrate your special day.

The logistic is peculiar of course, don’t forget we are on the water … This is the reason why Venice is unique, its peculiar characteristics contribute to its incomparable beauty, that magic that will transform your wedding in a fairy tale. You just need to make the right choices to ensure you the best result.

The importance of relying on a local wedding planner

The first step is to rely on a local wedding planner who knows how to support you in all stages of the organization, who provides you with the best suppliers and is always at your side to ensure that everything is done for the best.

Venice has its own peculiarities and not everyone knows how to deal with the last minute changes that often occur during large and articulated wedding events.

The collaboration of a professional based in Venice will help you to get the best result whether you want to rely on her for the full organization or you only need local support working with your wedding planner and your trusted suppliers.

Your Venetian dream can become a reality and you can fully enjoy it by relying on expert hands that know how to avoid delays in water taxi transport, ensure the correct timing and answers always ready and efficient to last minute requests.

Are you planning your wedding in Venice ? Contact me for advice, I will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

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