Photo Shoots

Good communication is achieved, above all, through the images.

A professional photo shoot is essential to consolidate a company’s image, to launch a new product, to document the value of a corporate event or to capture the special moments of a private event.

Having a professional photo shoot is the most important step for those who want to control their communications and build a unique and original base of images, in perfect harmony with their brand.

The support you need for the realization of your photo shoots.

I put the same care and attention to detail into the organization of photo and video shoots as I do to the organization of events: planning and coordination are essential.

I provide the most appropriate tools depending on the size and scope of the project and assist you in all the phases of the shoot.

I consider myself the “right arm” of artistic directors: I intervene to take care of all the practical and logistical aspects in every phase of production, thus allowing the art director to concentrate exclusively on creativity.

I have been both customer and supplier. I know all the aspects of a complex process which I’ve adapted to ensure the results you expect.

Once production is completed my assistance continues. I can help you to organize the photographic material to make it easily available and usable as quickly as possible and to preserve it in the most appropriate way for future use.

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