My vision for the training of Hostess and Steward

I have devised a training course capable of providing future assistants with the main tools for a good level of professional collaboration. “Welcome Academy” seemed to me the most appropriate name, clearly expressing the training goal: learning to welcome in the best possible way.
Un groupe de jeunes assistants d’événements

My experience in event assistance

I start working as an hostess for Fiat Auto. I accompanied the visits inside the production plants telling my guests every single detail of the different processes. In order to do this, it was necessary to take a course, to study quite a lot and also to take an exam, the management had to be sure to entrust this task to trained personnel.

When after only one year later I started working in the world of events, most of the hostesses and stewards were older than me.

Boys and girls of excellent education, mostly students who joined the work experience to the educational path.

I saw them impeccable, professional and prepared, always in their place, a key element for the organization of an event.

It was the late ’80s, the company in which I professionally grow up and to whom I owe so much of my professional growth, offered several training opportunities. The historical and economic moment allowed companies to devote time and resources to the on-the-job training .

My colleagues and I organized complex and wonderful events, with different and challenging scenarios. A truly unique professional experience that has been useful to everyone to build their professional life.

Over time, I realized that the added value provided by event assistants diminished. It became increasingly difficult to find good collaborations to offer hostess and steward events.

More and more often during the organization of an event I had to devote time to intervene and correct the working approach of the staff.

I noticed with regret that many of the fundamentals of reception, concepts that until a few years ago were taken for granted, now seemed forgotten or marginal.

Why I have created the Welcome Academy

Today there are also very structured courses to prepare girls and boys to the job of hostess and steward for events. However, these courses are not always accessible.

That is why I thought of creating a reality that would ensure short but effective training in the work of hosting events.

I have devised a training course capable of providing future assistants with the main tools for a good level of professional collaboration.

“Welcome Academy” seemed to me the most appropriate name, clearly expresses the goal of training: learning to welcome in the best possible way.

I structured the offer of this “Academy” around the topics I consider fundamental in the field of assistance to events:

  • principles of personal communication;
  • play-role simulation
  • problem solving skills;
  • bon ton;
  • care of their own image.

A training path appreciated by beginners and professionals.

The goal of the Welcome Academy is to train assistants confident of their relational skills, professionals who know the different types of events and understand how to behave according to their role.

The training course has received several appreciations from professionals. Assistants with years of field experience told me that they had «finally found someone who took the time to teach and answer questions» instead of moving immediately to the operational phase in the speed that always distinguishes the last moments of organization of an event.

Since the first meeting the feedback from the people involved was very positive.

As a trainer is a great satisfaction to see young people grow, expand their skills and become professionals able to provide an ever higher added value to the experience of an event.  

Then comes the day to say goodbye because often at the end of the university studies boys and girls undertake different professional paths. But I remain in contact with them, even years later. This for me means that together we were able to transmit and share something important.

Do you want to optimize your training with a valuable opportunity? New applications to Welcome Academy are always welcome, with the perspective of starting a new path together.

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