The perfect location for your event.

Finding the right location for the organization of an event is a considerable employ of time and energy. Turning to an experienced and knowledgeable professional is certainly the best choice.

Location scouting and management : the right choice is to rely on a professional.

The role of the location manager is to understand your needs and to identify a range of possible spaces that can best meet your request.

The presentation of a range of possibilities can be made quickly if you have a well-organized archive, a fundamental tool for a serious professional.

Location manager and event manager: two professions that often coincide

It is essential to know all the characteristics of the spaces for events before proposing them. How they can be reached, entrances, outdoor and indoor areas, possibility of setting up the different rooms, situation of kitchens and services, electricity capacity, limits and conditions for the set-up.

When the figure of the location manager and event manager coincide the result is guaranteed, in fact:

  • who searches the location has a clear vision of the final result and knows how to reach it;
  • as an organizational contact person will be careful to identify a space not only aesthetically pleasing but also logistically suitable;
  • most likely has had direct experience in the use of the location and knows its advantages and criticality:
  • in the research will also take into account the needs of suppliers who will collaborate at the event (eg: catering, artists, etc…).

Access to exclusive locations? Yes with the right professional

Unfortunately, it happens sometimes that customers do not provide feedback to the location manager with reference to a proposal received and contact instead the proposed spaces ignoring the contribution of the professional.

For this reason many operators in the sector are forced to not reveal the name and location of the spaces. If images can sometimes be recognizable, it is not always so easy to find the right contact.

The real added value of the location manager is to propose locations that are not identifiable on the web, unique places that are difficult to access without a proper introduction.

Not only exclusive locations: we talk about contracts

In any case, the choice of the space is just the first step in a path that can be complex, for which the support of a professional can really make a difference  especially when you draw up an agreement.  

The contract highlights some fundamental aspects of the use of the location:

  • the conditions under which the spaces are provided, that is, the person responsible for moving the furniture if it exists and restoring it at the end of the event;
  • if the space is delivered clean or it is necessary to provide a thorough cleaning before even starting the set-up – in this particular moment of attention to the Covid 19 cleaning and sanitization are essential;
  • the time of access to the space and possible unloading of materials the day before the event;
  • any additional cost for the set-up and dismantling days;
  • the electrical capacity available 
  • the limit time for music
  • the amount of the security deposit if requested and the deadline for its restitution at the end of the event.

In the contractual phase it is also important to define the responsibilities of the parties.

It is necessary to verify the existence of insurance coverage on the space we’re going to use. The suppliers involved must have their own insurance policy to guarantee the activity they carry out, while it is the responsibility of the location/event manager to ensure that the customer is protected in case of any damage caused by their guests by activating an additional coverage for the specific event.

The role of location manager continues even after the end of the event

The choice of the right location ensures much of the result. The help of a location manager relieves the customer of any responsibility even at the end of the event.

It will be the responsibility of the professional to ensure that after the removal of the set up the place is left in good condition, the waste has been disposed of and the property is satisfied. 

In case of damage, these must be documented and appropriate compensation procedures will be carried out. 

Knowing clearly the rules of use from the first moment, puts us away from unpleasant situations and ensures that everything is done for the best in total serenity.

If you are looking for the right location for your event, contact me, I am at your disposal to provide you with the best solutions.

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