Luxury Event Planner

I design, plan and create luxury experiences throughout Italy.
My goal is to interpret your vision and customize the process to your wishes.
I give priority to working with the best professionals and the most cutting-edge solutions in the field. I coordinate every aspect of the event to shape original and creative experiences.

I believe in discretion, precise planning and strict attention to detail: from the choice of  the location to the study and development of the concept, presentation renders, artistic and technical direction, my role is to always be at the customer’s side from the initial briefing until the end of the event.


Agreement and cooperation inside the company

When internal corporate communication is rich in “meaning”

Today, more than ever, one of the great business challenges is communication within organizations, that is, all the capillary modes used by management to communicate to employees or by the employees themselves to communicate with each other. Sometimes somewhat neglected at a general level, internal communication helps in fact to define the "corporate identity" and to consolidate the corporate culture.
Eco-sustainable events - man meets nature

Will the coronavirus make us more eco-responsible?

Companies, festivals, events agencies, cultural and sporting events should set an example by visibly engaging in a sustainable development approach that can contribute to a real renewal of the ways of thinking and acting of each of us.
Communication : the essential instruments

The importance of data management in an event organization

Technology is the great ally in the organization of an event: it can give us the best possible result and save us precious time. To be sure that you can count on the best technological solutions, it is essential to have a reliable partner, an event planning professional able to turn the needs of every single event into solutions.
Matrimonio a Venezia: sposa in gondola

Getting married in Venice

Venice is a unique city in the world, getting married in Venice is an unforgettable experience but it is important to organize for the best by relying on a local partner.

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Venice: Cannaregio 1771
Turin: Viale Perugia, 8 – Rivoli


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+39 347 9500946‬
Venezia : Cannaregio 1771
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+39 347 9500946‬
Venice: Cannaregio 1771
Turin: Viale Perugia, 8 – Rivoli