When internal corporate communication is rich in « meaning »

Today, more than ever, one of the great business challenges is communication within organizations, that is, all the capillary modes used by management to communicate to employees or by the employees themselves to communicate with each other. Sometimes somewhat neglected at a general level, internal communication helps in fact to define the « corporate identity » and to consolidate the corporate culture.

Sometimes somewhat neglected at a general level, in fact internal communication helps to define corporate identity and to consolidate the corporate culture.

The resource is primarily human

Over the years the number of hours worked has grown continuously, so much so that the consequent decrease in free time has led to the painful renunciation of recreational activities, dedicated to personal interests and passions, sometimes also compromising the recovery of physical fatigue. 

In life, you know, it can also happen to run into times of difficulty and to feel destabilized for a long time. The finding of inner balance can thus not be immediate and influence heavily on our state of mind. 

Finally, hardships, tensions and conflictual relations can easily arise in work environments, dynamics that very often arise from a « little attention » to the other and consolidate misunderstandings that are exacerbated through a ineffective communication. 

When the intervention of a counselor can be useful to the company

The working environment is therefore a land of encounter, contact and fusion of character, as well as professional. It contributes to the well-being of the individual first, then of the company, because the relationship between personal well-being and work performance is directly proportional.

As a good alchemist teaches, a desirable working environment will be obtained thanks to an individual and/or group « alchemical transformation », which will modify lead into gold. 

As well as an alchemist, the counselor, professional of the relationship of help, provides his knowledge, his tools, to support the development of an effective and empathic communication that stimulates personal growth.

The change, in fact, always starts from the individual and includes a series of steps, designed to enhance individual resources, the ability to respond, their motivation and energy, just to name a few.

Effective communication and working well-being

Effective communication lays the foundations for attentive and present listening, which facilitates the simple and clear expression of the states of mind, needs, values and objectives of our interlocutors. Listening is not limited to the outside, but it is addressed with the same attention and presence also to our inside and its purpose is to weave a communicative plot of deep effectiveness and respect.

This is therefore the starting point, the basis for giving new meaning to the working dimension, in which to feel motivated and satisfied, where you can work in a relaxed and positive atmosphere, with involvement and enhancement of your individual skills.

In other words, it would be desirable for work not to be a source of stress but to become a source of well-being.

A « new being » for the company and people

Performance at work is linked to fundamental elements such as the well-being of workers, the quality of their experience in the company and the enhancement of their potential. Business results are much more difficult to achieve in a workplace affected by uncomfortable and stressful situations. An internal corporate communication structured, attentive and open to the relationship with all subjects can really raise the company and professional dimension to new levels of productivity and well-being.

Do you want to integrate a communication project within your company? Contact me now, we will evaluate together the strategies that adapt to your business reality.

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