"It is no longer enough to satisfy your customers.
You must delight them".

Philip Kotler

Bespoke Event Experiences

I organize unique and memorable luxury events, defined by originality and attention to detail. I love my job because it allows me to the possibility to surprise, exceed expectations and propose new experiences.

Each project is a new opportunity to elevate the organization of the event to a higher level. Every client, corporate or private, is an opportunity for professional and personal development.

Luxury Event Planner

My formula combines brilliant ideas, unique locations, specialty staff and ad hoc materials. I have the courage to depart from trends and innovate, adapting to the continuous evolution of the concept of luxury.

The first step is listening to the customer, we start from an idea and we adapt it to meet specific goals without forgetting about resources and available budget for the project. A process as creative as it is structured, where all energy is used to exceed expectations, with style and elegance.

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Location Scouting

Finding the perfect location for the organization of the event.

Management of all contractual, logistical and insurance aspects.

Creativity, Style and Design

Identification of the creative concept suitable to represent the content you want to convey through the event.

Development and declination of the chosen theme in all materials and set-up details.

Concierge Services

Thanks to collaborations with a team of professionals, I can offer different services to allow you to fully enjoy the opportunities offered by the city chosen to host the event:

Reception at the airport or train station
Transfer and luggage transport
Tourist and Cultural programs
Tour guides, Hostesses and Interpreters
Private security
Personal shopper


Definition of the budget.

Supplier scouting to find the best price/quality ratio for each service.

Regular updates to ensure compliance with what established during all organizational phases.

Suppliers and Contracts

Identification of suppliers and evaluation of different offers in the best interest of the client.

Definition of contracts for the following services:

Set up and Scenography
Audio and Lights
Floral Decorations
Shows, Music and Entertainment
Photo and Video Services
Translations and Interpreters


Assistants and accompanying staff.


Definition of a detailed working program.

Coordination of all the preparatory and execution phases of the event.

Organizing Secretary

From save the date to formal invitation, digital or physical, up to table arrangement.

Web site dedicated to the event.

RSVP management.

Hotel booking management.

Logistics and transport.


Relationship with institutions.

Assigned seating.

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The importance of data management in event organization

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