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Assistance for events in Venice and throughout Northern Italy

I select my collaborators on the basis of careful analysis of their personal characteristics and aptitude in relating to others. I believe in the value of teamwork, and I provide each person with the tools they need in order to best use their abilities which are necessary to maximize the result.

I believe that, in addition to academic training, solid preparation for work experience is essential, so I organize training sessions that transmit the skills necessary to carry out the tasks assigned in the best way. The result is a group of trained collaborators who assist me in all events and projects, bringing their own contribution and ever growing experience.

The training sessions cover several topics that I can summarize as follows:

Communication and empathy

Engaging with the public, being able to welcome, direct and inform different target audience..


Representing the organization for which you work, providing the quality of service needed for customer loyalty and the creation of new business opportunities.

Problem solving

Complaint management: customers and situations can become difficult and put us to the test. Learning how to give our best, even under the most difficult scenarios.

Style and posture

The elegant look is an important business card.

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